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We have listed on this page information of our activities in the US and India, and information on projects our members are doing in India covering: water, education, Healthcare, Livelihoods, and Climate change.

Here are our major events:


  • The 13th International Conference, Wheaton, IL, Oct.17-18.
  • A talk by Prof. Rana P. B. Singh, Banares Hindu University, October 6.
  • Launching Adopt A Village Campaign, October 2.
  • India Water and Livelihoods Forum, August 22.
  • India Education Forum, June 28.
  • Earth Day Forum, April 25.
  • India Healthcare Forum, March 14.
  • The 4th North India Regional conference, IIM, Jaipur, February 22.
  • The 2nd South India Regional Int. conference, University of Hyderabad, February 6-7.
  • The 11th International Conference, at Center for Environment Education, Ahmedabad, January 12-13.


  • The !2th International Conference in Chicago, October 18-19.
  • The 3rd North India Regional Conference, Jaipur, Rajasthan, February 15.
  • The 10th International Conference in India, , Gurgaon, Haryana, January 10-11.


  • The 11th International Conference, Chicago, October 12-13,
  • The 2nd Midwest University Student Conference, Chicago, April 20,
  • The 2nd North India Regional Conference, Jaipur, Rajasthan, March 15,
  • The 10th International Conference, Kochi, January 11-12,


  • The 3rd West Regional Conference, University of San Jose, CA, December 1.
  • The 10th International Conference at IIT, Wheaton, IL, October 15-16,
  • Second South Regional Conference, IndiaHouse, Houston, TX, May 6,
  • First Midwest University Student Conference, De Paul University, Chicago, April 21,
  • First Mewar Regional Conference, Vidhya Bhawan Polytechnic, Udaipur, February 18,
  • First South India Regional Conference, at FAPCCI, Hyderabad, February 3-4,
  • The 8th International Conference, IIM, Jaipur, January 11-12.


  • Second West regional Conference, India community Center, Milpitas, CA, November 19.
  • Ninth International Conference in Chicago, October 15-16,.
  • Third East Regional Conference at the Johns Hopkins University in Rockville, MD,
    on August 13.
  • The 1st South Regional Conference, India House, Houston, June 4.
  • The 7th International Conference in India on January 12, held at the Sehgal Foundation, Gurgaon, on January 12.


  • First West Regional Conference , at India Community Center, Milpitas, CA,
    on November 20, 2010.
  • The 8th International Conference, at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana,
    on October 23 -24.
  • The 2nd East Regional Conference, at John Hopkins University, Rockville, MD,
    on August 14, 2010,
  • The 6th International Conference, at The Sehgal Foundation, Gurgaon, January 12.

Let new India arise-let her arise out of the peasants’ cottage, grasping the plough; out of the huts of fisherman,the cobbler, and the sweeper. Let her spring from the grocer’s shop,from the oven of the fritter-seller.” – Swami Vivekananda